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Welcome to Zhejiang Bonfor Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Release time:[2020/11/19]
Zhejiang Benfor locates in national level pharmaceutical and chemical material base-Linhai park, with total area of 120 acres. We mainly engage in production, sales and R&D of pharmaceutical APIs, Intermediates and other chemical materials. Our main products are: DIBP (30000 ton/y), intermediates of Torasemide, Dipyridamole, Paroxetine,Meropenem intermediates(4-BMA,f-9,MAP and side chain),Tazobactam and Tazobactam Diphenylmethyl Ester,Imipenem intermediate-BCK and other Carbapenem products. As a national level high-tech enterprise, Benfor has 200 employees, and the professional faculty amount to 35%. With fixed assets of 100 million, Benfor owns advanced manufacturing facilities, techniques, analysis instruments, improved treatment system of the “three-wastes” and eco-friendly production base. Our quality assurance system is also perfect. Each year more than 10 famous customers from home and abroad to visit our company;our quality management system is well-re
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